Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fruit Trees

Calamondin Orange Trees for sale
I love the idea of adding plants not only outside, but inside of my home. Currently I have a few orchids inside, but I would love to add a small citrus tree. Not only do they look good, they smell good!

Above pictured is the Calamondin Tree which is a beautiful, cold tolerant ornamental tree with small, sour orange fruit. This tree however is grown more for looks than fruit. Apparently is a great patio tree or clipped hedge. When the weather drops to about 20 degrees, they would have to come inside.

Meyer Lemon Tree

I was surprised to see that Williams and Sonoma were selling lemon trees! These are not just regular lemons but Meyer lemons- a sweeter, juicier and more fragrant lemon. Meyer lemons can be used as a garnish for cocktails, tossed into a stir-fry to provide a citrusy zing, grated over dishes or eaten right off the tree. I also like that these produce white flowers which are notable for their creamy, delicate, tropical fragrance.

Williams and Sonoma is also selling Blood Orange trees and Key Lime trees as well as Olive Trees.

If anyone owns or have owned any of these, please let me know your experience. I'd love to keep in my front sunny window or out on the deck this summer!

Read between the lines

Right now, it's all about the stripes!
Every store is stocked with striped everything. It's a classic print that is timeless. There is the bold stripe and the think stripe, two colors or a rainbow of colors.

 Here are a few of my favs...

Express Keyhole Dress- I bought this last week!!

VS Bikini

VS Dress

Lilly Pulitzer

Forever 21
Diaz in Michael Kors

Lilly Pulitzer