Monday, February 23, 2015

Cheap or Chic? Molly Sims

I love Molly Sims maternity style! Most of her items are not even maternity, but she makes them work! Here she Instagrammed a pic rocking an embellished Ann Taylor Sweater.

Ann Taylor, Snowflake Sweater,
Sold Out, was $149.00

and the cheap version:

Forever 21, Boxy Beaded Sweatshirt, $24.90

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Saying Sunday- Valentine's Day

It's no secret how much I love Valentine's Day! To some it may be just another "made up holiday" but I love the mushiness! I love the idea of celebrating love. I love devoting a day to just hanging out, one on one, eating great food, and being romantic.
As an emotional pregnant lady, I began the morning crying over thinking about Valentine's Day 9 years husband made me this huge card out of poster board (that year I told him he had to make me a card and not buy one). He used pictures of us to tell a funny love story and it is still my favorite card :)
This year, my love and I headed out in the unexpected snow slash wind storm to downtown Baltimore to the new Family Meal restaurant. We have previous dined at the Frederick location and were happy to have this new one open close to home.
Great food, reasonably priced, and not fancy- this was a great place to have dinner on a night were dining out can be over crowded, over priced, and rushed.
We sat next to a couple who have been married for over 28 years and we ended up talking with them throughout the meal- literally dined with strangers- but great conversation!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Classic Quilted Bag

Classic flap back $4700-6000 (depending on size)
For years I've lusted over the iconic black quilted Chanel bag. I'm not sure if it is the chain strap, or the classic leather exterior- but this simple bag is something I'll be left dreaming after since they are over $5k. Chanel sells different styles, sizes and materials, but unfortunately all carry a hefty price tag.
I've seen the real deal in person and it's amazingly soft and well made. Chanel also refurbishes old bags (for a charge of course) but can make an expensive purchase into a lifetime product.
Here's the real deal and some cheaper alternatives:
Chanel, Small 2.55 Flap Bag, $4,999

And the look for less.....

Rebecca Minkoff, Love Crossbody Bag, $295

Forever 21, Faux Leather Quilted Crossbody, $14.90

Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Maternity Style

I literally am living in leggings!
4 months

I have been a size 0 (yes zero) since high school. By eating healthy and committing to regular exercise, I was able to maintain a regular healthy weight and a body that I liked. When you are a size zero, you can wear anything and everything looks good. Since becoming pregnant, I had to adjust this mindset and quickly came to the realization that not everything looks good....anymore.
I hate maternity clothes. They are not stylish...just plain old UGLY.
I love seeing celbs wearing non-maternity style clothing and still looking fashionable.

Molly Sims wearing Ann Taylor Snow Flake Sweater, HERE
As far as maternity clothing, the ONLY thing I have bought that was actual maternity was a pair of Hudson Jeans.

I bought these off eBay for $75.00 (compared to $225 at A Pea in The Pod).
Other then that it's been regular clothing. I decided early on not to spend a lot of money on a maternity wardrobe and to buy things I could wear not pregnant or that I could easily consign. 
 Here is a few purchases made thus far: 

When I began to show, my hubs and I were traveling to NC for a wedding. I felt so super self conscious over the way my stomach looked. The night before the wedding, I wore a classic loose button up shirt with black stretch jeans. I opted for a high waist flare dress for the night of the wedding.
H&M, Black V-neck Blouse, $24.95, HERE

Forever 21, Metallic Tweed Dress,  $29.95, HERE
 The following week, my bump became more pronounced....which honestly made me feel better, since it looked like a baby bump and not a beer/fast food diet caused belly. This was also the weekend of my hubs work holiday party, that was of course formal attire. I went for a classic black dress, with a folded fabric design in the midsection.

Forever 21, $24.90, HERE

Daily I have been wearing leggings....they are comfortable and warm during this cold Maryland winter. Normally I would never wear leggings, but in this case I don't really have a choice.
I have been wearing these with more casual shirts on the weekends and paired with longer tops/blouses for work. I picked up a few inexpensive tops from Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack.
Forever 21, T-shirt, $10.90, HERE
Forever 21, Sweater, $22.90, HERE
Francesca's, Paisley Tunic, $20.00 (sale), HERE
 And wearing with some older stuff I already had:

Rory Beca (old) Hot Pink Shirt

I tried regular maternity pants, but all are way too big (in the legs, butt, and well everywhere). They looked like MC Hammer Pants! I bought a pair of black leggings from Loft and a few others in black and dark grey from Nordstrom Rack. I also got a loose pair of navy blue from Boston Proper. Hoping these get me by until warmer weather.


Other then that, I picked up a few more Under Armour Cami Style Bras. I like these to wear under certain shirts (like loose tanks) or to sleep in.

Under Armour Seemless Bra, $29.90, similar HERE
This coming weekend, I'm heading to Texas on a girls trip. Excited for some warmer weather, I picked up a few dresses and skirts I can wear there and also once spring arrives.
Target, Mossimo, $19.99, HERE
These LA Hearts Skirts, I picked up from Pac Sun (online) for $13.00 each
Forever 21, Tribal Print Dress, $24.80, HERE
Forever 21, Marbled Dress, $22.90, HERE
As the bump begins to grow, I may have to break down and purchase actual maternity clothing, but for now at 4 months, I'm holding strong :)