Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Look I'm loving right now- Polka Dots. Yes the pattern isn't just for 7 year olds. I stopped in the new J Crew in Baltimore and the store was littered with the spotted design.

Personally I like the classic navy. The red to me is a tad Minnie Mouse. This is a classic look, but from some ensembles I have viewed online, this can be overdone. To avoid a diaster, I recommend to pair with solids.

Here are some of looks done right.....

Love the pairing with brown leather bag and sandals

Peplum Vintage Classic Style

Polka with an edge.

All American


J Crew Top paired with their mint jeans

Oh so simple cami

Paired with a pop of color

Sheer Black instead of Navy

And lastly red...paired with white pencil pants.

To view J Crew's Polka Dot here.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Express me

For those of you who personally know me, you already know my go to store when it comes to clothes is Express.

Whatever you do, wait for a sale!! Also buying online can save you big too! I recently bought 3 dresses, a pair of shorts, 2 shirts, a sweater and a cami top with shipping for $200, which breaks down to $25 per item, with each dress costing around $ you ask? With online sales and promo codes...I had a $75 off coupon. To get coupons sign up online (you will also get %15 off for getting on the mailing list) and if you get an Express Credit Card you can also save big too.

Below are a list of purchases I made for my summer wardrobe!

This dress (without the ugly belt!) Picture taken at Kimono's in Negril, June 2012.

Color blocking (royal blue back)

Love the royal blue detailing under the hem. Picture taken at sunset in Negril, June 2012.

This sequin top- love with shorts!

Loving this top and the colors!

The pants, JUST KIDDING! This purple top :)

Mrs. Grey? LOL! Adore this slinky material and military cut.

This sweater- worn over sequin tank shown above for the "oh so cold airport" at the bar before departure to Jamaica, June 2012.

This ruffly top- classic black!

This striped dress! Love! Paired with a pair of ruby red peep toes. Picture from last Sunday, dressed for a baptism.

Get Bubbly

Right now the J Crew Bubble Necklace is popping up everywhere on fashion blogs. This statement necklace screams vintage, but at the same time still yields a modern clean flare. The necklace comes in a variety of colors which currently include; navy, pink, aqua, white, and Kelly green. Cost is $150 for the 18 inch piece (2 inch extender option) and their online site boasts that is is made with an 18 kt. gold electroplated brass- sounds fancy, huh?

With a quick search on Ebay, I saw over 600 necklaces- many of which were under $20 (including shipping)....are they in fact actual J Crew?? Well no one can be sure, but you definitely can get the look for a lot less. They also have more colors such as coral and yellow.

Etsy also has a good selection of the style. Also a good variety of colors and also with slight variations, such as a small piece (with less rows of drops) and some with ribbon instead of chain.

If you are really crafty, there are also online tutorials on how to make your own bib necklace. I saw one here and also here. Both sites disclaim that this is not a DIY project for the beginner level!

Here are some ways to rock this a-mazing necklace:

As you can see, this necklace can really spice up an outfit- whether it is a dress, blouse, or even a t-shirt.
Happy Shopping :)

It's true...

and don't forget it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

in the words of Coco Chanel....

Could not be more eloquently summed up by the famous French fashion designer, founder of the Chanel brand and a true style icon.

I lust over he classic chain link quilted Chanel bag!! Here are some celebs sporting theirs....

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sea Shell Candles

What an adorable combination and easy DIY project for decor or as a gift!

You can use different color wax and a variety of sized shells. For ones that will not lay flat, lay them in a decorative bowl with sand to balance them. 

I think I may do a few Citronella ones for outside :) 

For super easy DIY instructions click the link below and let Martha show you how it's done!