Saturday, July 21, 2012

Express me

For those of you who personally know me, you already know my go to store when it comes to clothes is Express.

Whatever you do, wait for a sale!! Also buying online can save you big too! I recently bought 3 dresses, a pair of shorts, 2 shirts, a sweater and a cami top with shipping for $200, which breaks down to $25 per item, with each dress costing around $ you ask? With online sales and promo codes...I had a $75 off coupon. To get coupons sign up online (you will also get %15 off for getting on the mailing list) and if you get an Express Credit Card you can also save big too.

Below are a list of purchases I made for my summer wardrobe!

This dress (without the ugly belt!) Picture taken at Kimono's in Negril, June 2012.

Color blocking (royal blue back)

Love the royal blue detailing under the hem. Picture taken at sunset in Negril, June 2012.

This sequin top- love with shorts!

Loving this top and the colors!

The pants, JUST KIDDING! This purple top :)

Mrs. Grey? LOL! Adore this slinky material and military cut.

This sweater- worn over sequin tank shown above for the "oh so cold airport" at the bar before departure to Jamaica, June 2012.

This ruffly top- classic black!

This striped dress! Love! Paired with a pair of ruby red peep toes. Picture from last Sunday, dressed for a baptism.

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