Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bucket List Item Complete: Skydiving!

One bright sunny Saturday morning in April, a brave girlfriend and I redeemed our Groupons we bought and headed up north to Skydive Baltimore!
After a brief ground school lesson, we boarded a small (and uncomfortably old) Cessna plane and took off for about a 10 minute flight.

Then the door opened and I had the most amazing 15-minute voyage from 11,000 feet! Strapped to experienced instructors, we freefell for about a minute at 120 miles per hour, then the shoot deployed and we slowly floated back to earth. The views we saw were amazing and I just couldn't get over how quiet it was and how you could just see on forever.
It was by far one of the coolest experience I have ever had and cannot compare it to anything else I have done. I definitely will do this again!