Friday, March 29, 2013


I'm loving ankle strap sandals and can't wait for the weather to break to sport a pair this season!
Paired with skirts, dresses, shorts- your legs will appear extra long since having the top of your foot is exposed (think Victoria's Secret Models! Most models in their catalogue/website wear this style).
They also have the closed toe version, however I like the sandal style better.
Open Toe makes your legs look longer...this pair doesn't.
With pants your legs can look stunted.

Some great ones below in all price ranges.
Manolo, "Chaos Patent", $650, here
Tibi, "Carine", $395, here (soldout)
Express, "Zipped Back Heel", $53, here (on sale)

Coach, "Leighann", $198 here (other colors as well- love the metalic heel) 

Victoria's Secret, "Single Sole", $78 here (various colors and heights)

Victoria's Secret, "Platform Sandal", $78 here (various colors, tan and white also)
Target, "Mossimo Vidal", $30, here (other colors available)

Money can't....

and clothes and handbags and accessories.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Watch Out

La Mer, "St. Tropez"
$169, here

Marc By Marc Jacobs
similiar $250, here

Movado, "Bold"
$850 here and $650 here
Chanel, "J12 Black"
$11k, here
Rolex, Vintage

Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

When I first got engaged, I babied my ring! I cleaned it all the time and took it off when I applied lotion or hair products. Years later and now married, I forget I'm even wearing it and needless to say it's definitely gotten dirty.
I came across this at home ring cleaner recipe that is supposed to really make your bling sparkle and decided to give it a try.

Here's what you need:

  • Small bowl
  • Aluminum Foil,
  • 1 tablespoon Baking Soda
  • 1 tablespoon Dish Soap
  • 1 tablespoon Salt
  • Warm Water

Here's how:

  1. Heat water in microwave 1-2 minutes (I did 1 min. and 30 sec).
  2. Cover bowl with aluminum foil.
  3. Pour baking soda, salt, dish soap into bowl ( I didn't measure, just kinda eyeballed it). Top with warm water and mix together gently with a spoon. Mixture should become bubbly.
  4. Let ring soak in mixture for 10-15 minutes (I let my ring rest on the spoon so I could easily fish it out).
  5. Remove ring and rise with cold water. Dry with a soft cloth.

for more go to:

I have also tried Windex (go here) and also toothpaste (yes used an old toothbrush, water, and paste and literally brushed my ring seen it here). Neither seemed to clean as well as this at home mixture.

Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses

Natures Pedicure. Free Therapy.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

You can do it!

Although I do not live alone, I think there are things that every girl should know how to do around the house. Here are a few easy to learn if you don't know already....


This is so basic and with cookbooks, shows, and the Internet- there is no reason why you cannot make a tasty and healthy meal. If you haven't already, master one really great dessert or side dish you can take with you to parties, BBQ's, and potlucks. Experiment with the crock pot, try broiling, and make cakes and cookies by scratch. If it's terrible, throw it out and try something else.

You really need have the basics too- good knives, measuring cups, mixing bowls, and a mixer. Without these cooking and baking can be difficult. Before starting any recipe, make sure you have all the ingredients as well.

Using a Grill

I admit, I'm still a little scared when it comes to using our gas grill. Knobs, fire, and a propane tank can be intimidating, but food on the grill is healthy and tasty!

Depending on the type of grill you own: charcoal or gas...refer to the manual for manufacturer specifications and recommendations.


Every girl should own tools or at least have access to their hubs or boyfriends. I'm not talking about hack saws or anything crazy, but the basics such as a screw driver, hammer, and wrench. Every girl should be able to tighten up a loose hinge, hang a photo on the wall, and make minor repairs around the home.


I don't own a sewing machine nor do I know how to operate one, however I can sew. Sewing kits, containing string, buttons, and needles are available at most stores in the craft isle and are a must have in all homes. It's easy to repair small holes in shirts or sew on missing buttons.


how to sew a button visit:

Fix a small hole:


Yes I am OCD when it comes to cleanliness, however every girl should know how to clean their house thoroughly. I'm talking about cleaning you don't do daily, but should do. For example, changing air filters in your home, replacing water filters in your fridge or water pitcher, cleaning the inside of your washing machine, and changing filters in your vacuum. Doing this type of upkeep will keep you healthy, your home looking good, and keep these types of appliances running smoothly for years to come.

Inside your home, don't overlook your microwave, oven, toaster, fridge, and baseboards when cleaning! Don't forget about your makeup brushes too :)

How to arrange Flowers

When flowers arrive to your doorstep either by a carrier or by a hot date, you should know the basics from selecting the right vase to trimming the ends.

Here is a quick step by step! Also to keep your beauties alive, use flower food (the small packet that usually comes with the flowers). Florists also recommend you change the water every few days, some suggest distilled H20 over tap, or warm tap instead of cold, but in all food, trimming, and water should keep them alive and looking their best!

Saying Sunday

-Deepak Chopra

Well then, I am in for some fun!
I decided after highlighting my hair bright blonde since high school that I needed a change, a major change. I booked an appointment with my style and went for it. Yesterday, we died in a deep chocolate brown, which is a little darker and not as red as my natural color.
I took a chance and hoped for the best and the result is better then I hoped! Instantly my hair looked healthier and had more shine. My skin looked more tan and my light eye color now pops. The husband likes it too :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wine me up....

In past blogs, I have discussed creative ways to reuse wine bottles (here) and corks (here). In a more recent post, I highlighted how a high school friend is re purposing bottles for his candle company (here).
Here are some more creative ways to recycle your bottles into awesome new things!

Simple wall feeder instructions here

This bird feeder is adorable!
Go here for the easy step by step instructions for this hanging feeder.
Halloween decor!
For the how to go here
and Christmas decor!
I don't have a link to step by step, but this is achieved with glitter and modpodge.
First use stickers on the bottles, glitter, and peel off stickers once dry.
As you can see there are many varieties of wine bottle shelves. These take a little more work then some of the other projects, but with the help of you hubs, boyfriend, or dad I'm sure you could knock this DIY project in a day!
Go here for the second pic's how to
 Looks like Pottery Barn :)
Directions here
These lanterns are great!
If you don't want to hassle of making, you can buy them here
Here is a wine bottle light tutorial!
or make a lamp! Go here!
These bottles are beautiful as candle covers and would be great outside to keep them from blowing out!
To do this simply cut off the bottom of the bottle and remove the label. Stick over top of a candle and you are done! For more go here.