Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saying Sunday

True story. Don't make excuses, just make results.
After being sick with bronchitis all week, I went against my doctors better judgement and ran in in the DC Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Luckily for me and the other 30,000+ runners the rain held off and it turned out to be a great day for a run. Since I was sick I wasn't able to get any running in the week prior and definitely coughed a little throughout and did not have my best time (offical end time was 2:11), but all in all I did it and finished. My for 6 miles I had a good pace, but my body began to slow shortly after and for the remainder of the run. I'm glad I did it and got my first race completed for 2013 and it was nice to see some familar faces of officers I worked with along miles 6-7 and hearing their cheers!
I will be running my next in about 5 weeks :)
Early morning start! Constution Ave. filled with runners ready to go!

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