Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Short Story...highs and lows

I admit, my legs are my bread and butter (hell, all that running better pay off)!
So when it comes to warm weather, I love shorts!
 I picked up a few pairs before our trip to Jamaica. The first pair was a high waist tan pair that zipped up the back and other was a pair of black jogging style shorts (elastic waist) made of a silky material (see pics below for similar styles).

Tan high short, Forever 21, $17.80 here

pretty sure this is my pair! Forever 21, $15.80 here
or maybe these! Forever 21, $13.80, here

Forever 21, $11.80, here

Forever 21, $12.80, here

Today I picked up two more pairs, this time a little pricier (okay a lot pricier), but way better quality and definately wardrobe staples. Both by Theory, I snagged a pair of tan Bermuda shorts and a pair of white shorts that can be dressed up.

Theory Bermuda Shorts, similar here (my pair is a little lighter in color)

Theory White shorts, similar here (my pair seems to be lower on the waist)
To compensate...I took some old pairs to the consignment shop including a pair of super short frayed denim shorts along with the denim skirt (Now I'm 30 and all)!
What shorts do you like? Which styles are you personally retiring?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saying Sunday (+ a confession)

Today I vow to stop drunk smoking. I am not a cigarette smoker, however when I get drunk (not drink) I light up and smoke away. I know it's terrible and goes against my diet and exercise routine.

So today, I promise to do this. I know my future self will thank me.
What are you going to do today?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Great Gatsby

I'm beyond excited to see the new movie, The Great Gatsby, which of course is an adaptation of
 F. Scott Fitzgerald's fiction novel. Set in the 1920's, the jazz age fashion is to die for, including men sporting great suits and women wearing dresses complete with beads and fringe detailing.
Here are some shots from the movie, which is in theaters now.

Here are some modern ways you can wear these looks!

For the gentlemen:
Brooks Brothers has an entire line dedicated to the look, as they were the official outfitter for the cast in the movie. Go here to see/buy.
For women look for clothing with scallop edging and beading. Also dropped waist dresses. Accessories are a must, including heels, hats, and headbands. Look for pieces with "bling".

Tiffany and Co. created a collection for the movie as well. Go here to see some breathtaking pieces, from cufflinks to a $200,000 jeweled headband.
Asos, Frock and Frill Deco Sequin Shorts, $84.85

Frock and Frill, SOLD OUT
similar here

Asos, Frock and Frill Scallop Edge Skirt, $93.34
Flapper dress, $98
Gucci Emerald Shoes
Cloche (Hat), Accessorize, $37
Asos, Flapper Headband, $25.46
Banana Republic, Fringe Clutch, $198 (SOLD OUT)


Beach to Beauty

There is something intrinsically good about the beach. The beauty, the feeling, the view and the smell. My home d├ęcor theme is costal and my first choice for travel is the beach. So why not take that beach feeling everywhere? I was delighted to find this amazing fragrance by Bobby Brown, simply named, "Beach". Definitely my new fav!

Saks Fifth Ave. $67.50

For those lovely beach locks, try John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray. This will give your hair those beach waves and leave your hair smelling divine. No ocean necessary.
John Masters, $16.50

Saying Sunday

Can't go anywhere without Mascara.
National Anthem- Lana Del Rey

Friday, May 17, 2013

Cheap or Chic? Stripes Sundress Editon

Get the stripped sundress for a little or a lot.....

Lilly Pulitzer at Nordstrom, $228

Loft, $98

Forever 21, $24.80

Lilly Pulitzer, Sold out (from last year)

Forever 21, $22.80

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saying Sunday

It's a priceless feeling when you finally realize you have been rich for years.....