Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Short Story...highs and lows

I admit, my legs are my bread and butter (hell, all that running better pay off)!
So when it comes to warm weather, I love shorts!
 I picked up a few pairs before our trip to Jamaica. The first pair was a high waist tan pair that zipped up the back and other was a pair of black jogging style shorts (elastic waist) made of a silky material (see pics below for similar styles).

Tan high short, Forever 21, $17.80 here

pretty sure this is my pair! Forever 21, $15.80 here
or maybe these! Forever 21, $13.80, here

Forever 21, $11.80, here

Forever 21, $12.80, here

Today I picked up two more pairs, this time a little pricier (okay a lot pricier), but way better quality and definately wardrobe staples. Both by Theory, I snagged a pair of tan Bermuda shorts and a pair of white shorts that can be dressed up.

Theory Bermuda Shorts, similar here (my pair is a little lighter in color)

Theory White shorts, similar here (my pair seems to be lower on the waist)
To compensate...I took some old pairs to the consignment shop including a pair of super short frayed denim shorts along with the denim skirt (Now I'm 30 and all)!
What shorts do you like? Which styles are you personally retiring?

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