Monday, October 31, 2011

No lame homemade gifts here!

Maybe this will be the year I will make creative gifts....

Chalk Board Paint Wine Glasses....LOVE!

Easy to

Awesome Coasters...I have never found any I like...maybe I will make these for myself too :)

Duh, from the creativity queen herself.....Martha Stewart

Appliqued Tote Bag or maybe a Stamped Tote Bag....anything no sew

Tote how to...also Martha

Glass Block Snowman....this is pretty easy. I have seen these kits at craft stores.
How to here

Have you found any good ideas online? Please share, I'd love to see more :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sadie's got a brand new bag!

No, it's not a fashion accessory, although it is really cute :) It is a doggie backpack and there are several reasons for your dog to wear one on their walks. I first heard of doggie backpacks from my friend Jen. Her vet recommend it for the dog she adopted. I did some research and this is what I found....

Carrying a dog backpack gives your dog a job to do.

Most dogs need a purpose. Carrying their own backpack will give your dog a job. Not only will it help eliminate extra physical energy including pent up energy, but it also provides a mental challenge and gives a dog character. Pent up energy is the main cause of dog behavior problems such as chewing on things inside the home.

The dog will not be as focused on pulling.

If your dog is focused on carrying his own backpack, he will be less focused on pulling, being first and getting over excited about other dogs and people. It keeps the dog calm and focused on their job.


We put water bottles inside the bag and it added a little bit of weight :) Make sure to make it even though, the first walk with Sadie and her new bag I only put one water bottle on one side and she walked a little sideways, I think it threw her off. I read online to put no more than 10% of your dogs body weight.

There are other benefits, like you can carry water or gear on long hikes and they add visibility.

We purchased ours from Pet Smart and for the medium size it cost about $34.00. I saw them for less online, but I wanted to pick it out in person for quality and size to insure fit.
The brand I purchased is Outward Hound, cute name too :)

Halloween Twenty Eleven

I just adore Halloween- especially carving pumpkins and of course dressing up :)

 I have done the whole downtown thing back in my younger years, but now I definitely prefer a good house party instead. The bar scene definitely fosters the concept of "slutty" costumes (the act of taking any occupation and turning it into a short, tight, and usually inappropriate outfit). It truly is the one day of the year girls can dress however and it is socially acceptable. It is fun and I have done it, but this year I decided to forgo the norm and dressed up as Amy Winehouse.

To achieve her look above I purchased a "rehab wig" and added a scarf, painted on the signature wig tipped eye makeup, and covered my arms and neck in temp tattoos. For the outfit, I sported a wife beater tank with exposed aqua blue bra straps, jean shorts, belt, and flats. Lastly accessories included bangles, hoop earrings, and drink in hand.

Sorry for the poor quality pics, they are from J's cell :)

We didn't have to travel far to get to our party, about 7 feet from our front door, we spent the evening at our neighbors second annual Halloween bash :)

1. Hand from the grave by JJV
2. Mummy by yours truly
3. Halloween scene by Mrs. JJV
4. Headless Horseman by my hubs

Monday, October 24, 2011


simply inspired by today...

OPI Nail Polish Tickle My France-y (wearing it now)

Totally not my hand....from google search, lol.
A beautiful color between pink and  nude

Frye Boots Melissa Button Boots-

Just bought these!!! IN LOVE
Orange & Navy

I saw this and had to copy- I sported a very similar ensemble today to both work & school! I did a cashmere navy sweater, burnt orange skirt with front pockets, brown braided belt and of course my new Frye's.
 Lots of compliments :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

1/2 Marathon

post race :)

I survived my first half marathon this past weekend in Baltimore.

I completed all 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 3 minutes :)

I never thought I would ever say this....but I am going to sign up and do the FULL next year :)

Oh and how cute was this running outfit....

Under Armour  Black top with UA Pink Breast Cancer ribbon shorts :)

I purchased mine at Dick's Sporting Goods and can be found here UA BCA shorts

I HEART my UA running shoes too!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mums the Word

Well I can say I was a little hesitant to take back my dead mums to the store. I had bought them just last month. They were a lovely orange color and they both took a turn for the worse and became brown, dead dry brown.

I had heard that Lowe's had a return policy on plants, but was too embarrassed to tote my two dead mums to the store. I was not sure if they would take them back since they are annuals and not a plant (bush or tree). I called to check and to my surprise I was told, bring them in along with your receipt for a full refund. I did just that and the store clerk gave me my money back, which I used to purchase two new mums, this time in a lovely burgundy color.

One-Year Plant Guarantee- from Lowe's Website:

                "Lowe's upholds its slogan, "Let's Build Something Together." That's why Lowe's is dedicated to even the smallest projects like growing a plant. If you purchase a plant from us and encounter problems with it, bring it in, along with your receipt, and we'll replace it at no charge."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Party Food Ideas

Rasberries stuffed with Choc Chips

Milano Ghost Cookies

Rainbow Fruit Platter

Anti-Pasta Kabob

For a rainy day.....

Newspaper Nail Art How to.....


We all have them, but what to do with them?
Here are some clever ideas....

Cork Vases

Cork Holiday Wreath

Monday, October 10, 2011

Go here before you die.....

St. Lucia

Pitons at Dusk

Pitons and Palms

Piton Beer
Sandals La Toc



Marigot Bay

Sulfur Springs Volcano

Best vacay of my life....will return!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I'm currently saving corks and plan to put them in a jar or vase for looking at what to do with labels.....
FINALLY!!! And Advent Calendar that will get you through the Holiday Season! Custom labels for gifts

Wine Bottle Label Collage- Food & Wine Blog 

Wedding Blog Poems for events (first fight, first Thanksgiving), bridal shower gift idea!

Can also be purchased here or an easy DIY project....

Sail Away

Pottery Barn $349

I love this picture sold only at Pottery Barn online- I just don't like the price tag. I have been looking for something similar for less. I want to hang above the small white dresser in my room and would like to to be both large and also to be more wide than tall. Here are some others I found....

 All $244

 Great Modern $180


Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome Home Madeline!

She's here and I just love her...her name is Madeline and she is a patent leather top handled Coach tote with a lovely satin blue interior. I saw her sister, a cream version with plum interior at Marshall's in Columbia. I walked away and when I returned someone already snatched her up! I called Coach directly and they informed me that this bag was no longer sold and was very limited. Luckily for me I found it another Marshall's store in this great bone color (which was better than the cream anyway). So now she's mine and cost me less than half of the Coach retail price!

There is nothing better then a good find at a good price! 

I'm Back!!

HEY!! I'm back! I have been so busy....

I started my new job, purchased a new car, working hard in grad school & training for my first half marathon (which is next weekend!)

Another major delay- our 2 month old Sony VAIO kicked the bucket and had to have a hard drive replacement via the Geek Squad and for all you bloggers- not Blog Spot on the ipad :(

I will be posting all my latest shopping finds (and wants), new recipies, and more shortly!