Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Twenty Eleven

I just adore Halloween- especially carving pumpkins and of course dressing up :)

 I have done the whole downtown thing back in my younger years, but now I definitely prefer a good house party instead. The bar scene definitely fosters the concept of "slutty" costumes (the act of taking any occupation and turning it into a short, tight, and usually inappropriate outfit). It truly is the one day of the year girls can dress however and it is socially acceptable. It is fun and I have done it, but this year I decided to forgo the norm and dressed up as Amy Winehouse.

To achieve her look above I purchased a "rehab wig" and added a scarf, painted on the signature wig tipped eye makeup, and covered my arms and neck in temp tattoos. For the outfit, I sported a wife beater tank with exposed aqua blue bra straps, jean shorts, belt, and flats. Lastly accessories included bangles, hoop earrings, and drink in hand.

Sorry for the poor quality pics, they are from J's cell :)

We didn't have to travel far to get to our party, about 7 feet from our front door, we spent the evening at our neighbors second annual Halloween bash :)

1. Hand from the grave by JJV
2. Mummy by yours truly
3. Halloween scene by Mrs. JJV
4. Headless Horseman by my hubs

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