Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mums the Word

Well I can say I was a little hesitant to take back my dead mums to the store. I had bought them just last month. They were a lovely orange color and they both took a turn for the worse and became brown, dead dry brown.

I had heard that Lowe's had a return policy on plants, but was too embarrassed to tote my two dead mums to the store. I was not sure if they would take them back since they are annuals and not a plant (bush or tree). I called to check and to my surprise I was told, bring them in along with your receipt for a full refund. I did just that and the store clerk gave me my money back, which I used to purchase two new mums, this time in a lovely burgundy color.

One-Year Plant Guarantee- from Lowe's Website:

                "Lowe's upholds its slogan, "Let's Build Something Together." That's why Lowe's is dedicated to even the smallest projects like growing a plant. If you purchase a plant from us and encounter problems with it, bring it in, along with your receipt, and we'll replace it at no charge."

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