Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wine me up....

In past blogs, I have discussed creative ways to reuse wine bottles (here) and corks (here). In a more recent post, I highlighted how a high school friend is re purposing bottles for his candle company (here).
Here are some more creative ways to recycle your bottles into awesome new things!

Simple wall feeder instructions here

This bird feeder is adorable!
Go here for the easy step by step instructions for this hanging feeder.
Halloween decor!
For the how to go here
and Christmas decor!
I don't have a link to step by step, but this is achieved with glitter and modpodge.
First use stickers on the bottles, glitter, and peel off stickers once dry.
As you can see there are many varieties of wine bottle shelves. These take a little more work then some of the other projects, but with the help of you hubs, boyfriend, or dad I'm sure you could knock this DIY project in a day!
Go here for the second pic's how to
 Looks like Pottery Barn :)
Directions here
These lanterns are great!
If you don't want to hassle of making, you can buy them here
Here is a wine bottle light tutorial!
or make a lamp! Go here!
These bottles are beautiful as candle covers and would be great outside to keep them from blowing out!
To do this simply cut off the bottom of the bottle and remove the label. Stick over top of a candle and you are done! For more go here.

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  1. Very nice, gave me a lot of new ideas....The Cup Cake Man.


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