Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Maternity Style

I literally am living in leggings!
4 months

I have been a size 0 (yes zero) since high school. By eating healthy and committing to regular exercise, I was able to maintain a regular healthy weight and a body that I liked. When you are a size zero, you can wear anything and everything looks good. Since becoming pregnant, I had to adjust this mindset and quickly came to the realization that not everything looks good....anymore.
I hate maternity clothes. They are not stylish...just plain old UGLY.
I love seeing celbs wearing non-maternity style clothing and still looking fashionable.

Molly Sims wearing Ann Taylor Snow Flake Sweater, HERE
As far as maternity clothing, the ONLY thing I have bought that was actual maternity was a pair of Hudson Jeans.

I bought these off eBay for $75.00 (compared to $225 at A Pea in The Pod).
Other then that it's been regular clothing. I decided early on not to spend a lot of money on a maternity wardrobe and to buy things I could wear not pregnant or that I could easily consign. 
 Here is a few purchases made thus far: 

When I began to show, my hubs and I were traveling to NC for a wedding. I felt so super self conscious over the way my stomach looked. The night before the wedding, I wore a classic loose button up shirt with black stretch jeans. I opted for a high waist flare dress for the night of the wedding.
H&M, Black V-neck Blouse, $24.95, HERE

Forever 21, Metallic Tweed Dress,  $29.95, HERE
 The following week, my bump became more pronounced....which honestly made me feel better, since it looked like a baby bump and not a beer/fast food diet caused belly. This was also the weekend of my hubs work holiday party, that was of course formal attire. I went for a classic black dress, with a folded fabric design in the midsection.

Forever 21, $24.90, HERE

Daily I have been wearing leggings....they are comfortable and warm during this cold Maryland winter. Normally I would never wear leggings, but in this case I don't really have a choice.
I have been wearing these with more casual shirts on the weekends and paired with longer tops/blouses for work. I picked up a few inexpensive tops from Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack.
Forever 21, T-shirt, $10.90, HERE
Forever 21, Sweater, $22.90, HERE
Francesca's, Paisley Tunic, $20.00 (sale), HERE
 And wearing with some older stuff I already had:

Rory Beca (old) Hot Pink Shirt

I tried regular maternity pants, but all are way too big (in the legs, butt, and well everywhere). They looked like MC Hammer Pants! I bought a pair of black leggings from Loft and a few others in black and dark grey from Nordstrom Rack. I also got a loose pair of navy blue from Boston Proper. Hoping these get me by until warmer weather.


Other then that, I picked up a few more Under Armour Cami Style Bras. I like these to wear under certain shirts (like loose tanks) or to sleep in.

Under Armour Seemless Bra, $29.90, similar HERE
This coming weekend, I'm heading to Texas on a girls trip. Excited for some warmer weather, I picked up a few dresses and skirts I can wear there and also once spring arrives.
Target, Mossimo, $19.99, HERE
These LA Hearts Skirts, I picked up from Pac Sun (online) for $13.00 each
Forever 21, Tribal Print Dress, $24.80, HERE
Forever 21, Marbled Dress, $22.90, HERE
As the bump begins to grow, I may have to break down and purchase actual maternity clothing, but for now at 4 months, I'm holding strong :)

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