Sunday, February 15, 2015

Saying Sunday- Valentine's Day

It's no secret how much I love Valentine's Day! To some it may be just another "made up holiday" but I love the mushiness! I love the idea of celebrating love. I love devoting a day to just hanging out, one on one, eating great food, and being romantic.
As an emotional pregnant lady, I began the morning crying over thinking about Valentine's Day 9 years husband made me this huge card out of poster board (that year I told him he had to make me a card and not buy one). He used pictures of us to tell a funny love story and it is still my favorite card :)
This year, my love and I headed out in the unexpected snow slash wind storm to downtown Baltimore to the new Family Meal restaurant. We have previous dined at the Frederick location and were happy to have this new one open close to home.
Great food, reasonably priced, and not fancy- this was a great place to have dinner on a night were dining out can be over crowded, over priced, and rushed.
We sat next to a couple who have been married for over 28 years and we ended up talking with them throughout the meal- literally dined with strangers- but great conversation!


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