Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It pays to shop around....

PSSST! I'm here to let you in on a little secret....it's called the Internet and it is some times the best way to find a deal.

 Let me show you my latest score!

This jacket by Jack Candena (which is BB Dakota) is currently selling in stores and online at South Moon Under for $90. I spotted in the window at the Harbor East location. But $90? So I did a little research online...first went to the South Moon Under Website and found the item, then Googled the name of the item.

First I found the jacket on the BB Dakota  website, for the same price, $90- boo.

Then on Jupe Boutique for $80.

Then I found the same jacket on the Lulu's website for $78- better, but I kept on.

I then took to Ebay and I ended up buying the jacket, new with tags, for only $29- jackpot. I did have to pay shipping, which brought my total to $34.00.

I estimate if I would have bought the item in store with tax, I would have paid almost $100.

Sometimes doing a little research can pay off- in this case about $66!!

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