Saturday, April 7, 2012


No, not the kind you eat....

This is the grocery store Giant's home delivery service and my new love!

I had recently saw a neighbor getting the deliveries and thought it had to be expensive. With work, school, and a lot of other things going on these days (hence why my blogs have been absent) I decided to go online and see for myself if it was worth saving the time of going to the store, doing the shopping, loading and unloading of the groceries. To my surprise it was very affordable! The prices of the items were the same as in store, they accept coupons, and the delivery charge was just under $8- which is waived your first 60 days of ordering and there are also several promo codes online for $15 to $20 off an order!

Click on the link above to get started! I spent about 20 minutes online doing my "shopping" and when the driver came, she carried everything inside and sat it in my kitchen! Since you pay when you are online, there was nothing for me to give to the driver, but my coupons! The next day you will receive an email with your invoice and the total amount you were charged- since they apply the coupons.

I cannot say enough good things about this service! Serious time saver and the quality of the produce and meat, was fantastic!

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