Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jessica Simpson dresses

Tis the season for weddings! Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I attended 2 in the same weekend, one on Friday and another on Saturday!

I ended up getting 2 dresses both at Nordstrom and both from Jessica Simpson. I have yet to own any of Ms. Simpson's apparel and was suprised about how cute and such good quality pieces in her collection!

Here are the dresses I wore to those nuptials.....

I loved the colors, pattern, and shape of this dress! The bottom hem had a wrap effect. It was a bit loose and needed some alterations, but otherwise a great overall piece.

Photo booth fun with the groom!

For Saturday night I wore this draped black dress, in a great slinky material that was of a thick good quality (not Forever 21 crap). I loved the exaggerated one shoulder and looked great paired with some chunky gold jewels.

After loving her pieces, I have kept my eyes open for more of her stuff while out and about. I was so excited when I found this Asymmetrical Floral-Purple party dress at Marshalls for less than $40! I was even more suprised when I saw it the Jessica Simpson Website for $128!!

 This will be great for our trip in a few weeks to Negril.

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