Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vox Box (Something Blue Review)

Last October I blogged about freebee website, Influenster that sends samples to you for you to try and review (Domesticated Officer Fall Freebees).

Just this week I was sent another box of samples, which Influenster calls a "Vox Box". Each box has a theme and this particular box was the "something blue box" a wedding themed box.

Here's what was in the box:
Kiss Eye Lashes 
I stopped wearing false eye lashes when I discovered Latisse (see my post- Addicted to Drugs)
False lashes look, well false, fake, and normally pretty hooker-like.
        Dr. Scholl's For Her       
These are great! Very comfortable and good for that pair of shoes that are so cute, but not so comfortable. Only issue with these, they do not fit in tight shoes, like stilettos. I used these when I was on Ravens in the cheap black boots we wore. They definitely helped out a lot!
They are made more for sandal style shoes. Lastly they have a sticky side and can only be used in one pair of shoes.
Luster NOW!  
So I had heard about this product a while back on Refinery 29 (here for post/video). This toothpaste is super blue and it's supposed to make your teeth white after just one use. Well although it tastes good (very minty) I saw no difference after using. I was also disappointed to see it contained no Fluoride, which is an important and usually an active ingredient in toothpaste. I would not recommend this product.
        My Trio Rings      
This was not a sample, but an advertisement for wedding rings and bands that were extremely cheap and would not be something I would ever consider.         
                                       Urgent Rx                                       
This is a powder form of pain reliever. I'll stick with Advil or Aleve if I need to take something.
Kinda surprised to get a sample of Q-tips....pretty sure everyone in America already buys these. I do like the small travel containers they came in- perfect for my next getaway!

It's definitely nice to get full size freebees and coupons in the mail and it's nice to be able to try before you buy.

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