Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to look better in the clothes you already have.....

You can look better in the clothes you already have by following these 5 simple tricks!

This blogger shows how simple alterations make the difference!

1. FIT! Make sure your clothes fit the way they are supposed to fit you. Pants that are too long and clothes that are too baggy are easy fixes with a trip to the dry cleaners. I take anything ill fitting in for tailoring. Within a few days and usually $5-20 per garment charge....it's well worth the time and the money. inexpensive clothes tailored to you, instantly look more expensive!

Buttons shouldn't gap! Either wear open or use fashion tape!

Make sure your clothes aren't too small either. Nothing worse looks than clothes that are toooooo small! For more on fit, visit this bloggers tips!

Really Bradley?!
2. CLEAN! This seems simple, but you would be surprised how many people overlook this! Make sure your clothes are free of loose strings (especially around buttons). This is an easy fix with a few snips from some scissors (don't pull!)

Lint roll items to remove dust, hair, or lint. Remove pills on sweaters with a pill remover, razor, or a hair curler (go here for how to).

Don't wear clothes with stains, makeup or other spots (especially the often overlooked: COATS!)

Dry cleaning clothes will also keep your clothes looking better for longer, especially cheap items from stores like H&M and Forever 21.

Don't forget to clean your shoes and handbags. Don't let your footwear get scuffed up and worn out, covered in mud or in salt. You can wipe with a damp cloth, magic eraser (especially on athletic shoes) and use restorer (for leather). Soles can be repaired at a shoe cobbler.

3. LOOK! Make sure your clothes look the way they are supposed to! If wrinkled, iron or steam. A crisp white button up oxford will look terrible if wrinkled and not properly starched. Store sweaters and shirts properly to avoid them from being stretched out in the shoulders or sleeves.

4. PAIR! Pair your outfit with the right accessories: jewelry (always earrings), belt, handbag, scarf. These items can make an inexpensive or plan outfit look high end and amazing.

5. BEAUTY! If your hair and makeup is a mess, it doesn't matter if you are wearing a top designer runway dress! Amazing hair and makeup can make a jeans and t-shirt outfit look like a million bucks. It doesn't have to be a ton of makeup (overdone can be trashy). Hair just needs to be maintained with no roots and trimmed free of frizzy ends, basically clean, and styled. Groomed eye brows and manicured nails are a must!

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