Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Maternity Wardrobe

So at about 21 weeks I had to break down and shell out money (a lot) on maternity clothes. Up to this point, I was rocking leggings, which had become insanely uncomfortable, tight, and not flattering. Many of my shirts were too short and again, not comfortable.

Here's how I built my maternity wardrobe:

I bought staple bottoms and where I shelled out the most money. I wanted good jeans and work pants and got these from  A Pea in the Pod. The closest store was Bethesda, but it was worth the drive. Again good quality, but pricey, however they fit nice and look good so at this point that's all I wanted!

Dark Wash Jeans, Boyfriend Style
Crop "Work Pants" in Tan
Similar HERE

Black "work pants" Crop Cut
Similar HERE


Skinny Jeans
Similar HERE
Next I searched for tops. My go to were my purchases from Gap.com I bought basic t-shirts and tanks. The big difference from non-maternity is the rouching- which when you are pregnant is your best friend! This helps hide your belly button and any bulges. Also the length is longer to cover your bump and you don't have to constantly keep pulling down your shirt.
Definitely recommend fitted. Anything big, looks terrible. Tighter the better so you look pregnant and not like a huge massive person in a drapey top!

I bought these V-necks in all three colors! Super soft and comfortable. Used a promo code and got for $11 each

Again super affordable and simple tops- just in tank version.
Next I went for dresses! Needed a few good things for weddings, showers, and work events. Found a lot at ASOS.com and loved the fact they have free shipping both ways! Only issue I had was the sizing, but once I figured out what fit best, I was super happy with what I got. Anything that I ordered that was not form fitting, got returned. Again the loose stuff looked like a tent on me and was super unflattering.

Next I ordered some linen pants, similar to what I had seen shopping at A Pea in the Pod, but for WAY cheaper. From Old Navy (online) I bought a very similar linen pant, for only $21 each (sale plus promo code) with shipping. They are so comfortable and cannot wait to wear them!
I also picked up these cheap basics:
Next I hit up Target.com for some basics. 
I used Pinterest for inspiration then I got a few close matches to styles I liked.
Inspiration: Ms. Tatum rocking a striped tan maxi
Inspiration: Gisele Bundchen rocking a casual black shirt dress
Non-Maternity HERE
Maternity Workout pants: Although my pre-pregnancy still fit, but fall down (since I am wearing below bump)
another basic item HERE

After reading a fashion blog, I learned the need for these, especially with those tight dresses!
Okay so last bit of searching came way of Ebay. Really liked some things I saw that were really high priced at Nordstrom or sold out. So with a little search, I was able to score an Isabella Oliver Navy Dress, Nicole Miller (MOM) teal maxi, and H&M sleeveless print dress.

The hardest part about buying maternity clothes was getting all the basics to make multiple outfits as well as get some pieces to wear to events- all having to be comfortable and flattering- no easy task.
It's also different than typical shopping since you don't want to invest a lot of money into stuff you aren't going to wear for long. I don't plan on more children, so I looked at these items as short term wear. Most stores have maternity clothes, but ONLY online (Loft, Nordstrom) or what is in store is a really small picked over selection. I found the best deals online especially when using promo code.

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