Thursday, September 1, 2011


My aunt Donna is moving and was giving away some of her furniture and I was lucky enough to take some off her hands. I took a collection of 5 different shaped pots all with beachy wicker lids. The pots are a sea foam green with earthy sand colored tones and speckled texture.

She also gave me a picnic table that is a dark wood and has only been used inside (as a sofa table in her conservatory). I took it and planned to stash in our basement for poker games, but loved the bench as a table to hold the pots- which now sits in our sun room.

I love the pots and the bench because they have character. They are not the typical stuff you see in the stores- they look as if they came from world travels (they may have, I didn't ask) and look like they have a history. Best part was they were free :)

close up of one of the pots

Pots sell for big money at major retailers...see this less interesting one from Pottery Barn that sells for $149 and is only 12 inches high....

See: Pottern Barn: Tuscan Planters

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