Sunday, December 25, 2011

As seen online....

I always see "projects" that I would love to do while looking online and always say to myself, "I can do that!"

This holiday season, I did complete (very successfully I may add) two projects that I would like to share.

The first project was extremely simple. I had seen online, people taking glass vases and filling them with glass Christmas ornaments and using it as a centerpiece or just for decoration. I picked up a pack of green shiny glass balls and a pack of matte maroon balls at Michael's. I used a large glass vase I had already and just arranged them randomly inside. The end result was rather nice.

I placed the vase on a side table in our sun room to add a little Christmas cheer and decor.

Next up was a gift idea. Everyone is familiar with the painted wine glasses from Lolita. Everyone has seen those small wine charms to denote, whose glass belongs to whoever (which always seem to get lost by the way). This idea is along the same lines but a tad more creative....chalkboard wine glasses.

I saw this online and blogged about it here . Finally I got all the materials and made them...end result was fantastic!
I gave them to gifts to my lovely aunts, Jen and Donna. For my non-wine drinking aunt Jen, I made her rocks glasses :)

Here are my glasses :)

There are so many great projects online...I'll be sure to post any new ones I complete!

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