Sunday, December 11, 2011

Painting: the kind without OPI or Esse)

David would be so proud! LOL
 J and I have been so busy lately with home improvements. Living in a new construction home, your walls are a not so lovely builder grade cream- all of them. After a little over a year in the home, our builder came back and fixed dry wall cracks and nail pops caused by settlement and at last we were given the green light for paint!

We started with a power room, a mix between a yellow and a tan. The sunroom was next, an Eddie Bauer color called "pine needle"-a greenish gray color. Up next was the kitchen, we used "wicker walls" which is basically a beige color. J then did a beautiful tile backsplash. The tile we chose is a mosaic tile, a mix of travertine stone and glass, all in a skinny rectangle shape in varying sizes. I love that some of the glass pieces are a tint of green and match the sunroom beautifully. Last up for the kitchen J added some much needed lights under the cabinets. The lights not only light up the counter space, but highlight the tile nicely.

Now we are currently in the process of the painting the basement. The amount of prep work (taping, edging and moving furniture) is way more than I thought. The color is by Olympus and is a lovely deep gray aptly named "stone gray" and has just a hint of brown (reminds me of wet pottery clay). We made the decision to do a dark color in the basement to warm it up and make the large space feel not so bare. It goes nice with all the Ravens pictures and the black bar :)

I promise to post pics as soon as everything is complete!

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