Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nailed Ya!

I am no crazy nail person. I keep them short and simple- but none the less- always manicured. 

Last week, I went a bright (neon) orange for my toes. It was supposed to be a coral, but I ended up loving the final product. For my nails I went with a simple glossly clear- good to do every once and while, especially when your nails are short and healthy.

There are so many amazing designs and color combos and although I wouldn't get them on each nail, some of the pics below are great for a pedi or for one nail. Sites like Pinterest, showcase websites and blogs which are soley dedicated to such creative designs.

Last year I blogged about gel manis ( go here to read- PRETTY POLISH) which I love, but hate the peel off or soak off removal.

To begin- something I had to instantly send to my old co-worker and fellow Louboutin collector Kori. This is simly awesome and is making me want to grow my nails longer or get tips!

Below is the Caviar Manicure- LOVE THIS!
This is a two step system and comes in a few colors, but this dark is my fav! Sold at Sephora.

Also at Sephora (gosh I LOVE this store) is a metallic polish that creates a shiny refective look also available in a few colors.

Next are some amazing designs and color combos worth a try....

Gold Glitter

Tie Dye

Neon and Neutal Tips

Ombre how to

Robin's Egg
Matte/Shiny of same color


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