Monday, August 6, 2012

Amaz beauty tip- Save the Shadow!

I was so upset Saturday when I opened my makeup bag saw all of it's contents covered in Mac's Gleam eyeshadow. Besides the mess I was more bummed I had to shell out another $15 on a new one, since this is a main eye color for me!

Before tossing, I decided to try a tip I had heard about to save the broken shadow by adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol. I was told that the alcohol was evaporate and the broken powder would dry together once again. Since it was a loss anyway, I took a few minutes and put this tip to the test!

Okay here is what the shadow is supposed to look like:

Smashed and all over the other shawdows and the compact, I carefully took out each magnetic shadow and tossed as much of the broken Gleam back into it's disk and washed out the rest of the compact holder.

Next I added a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the broken shadow and mixed it up with a bobby pin. I used the bobby pin to crush some of the larger pieces and mix all the shadow together.

Lastly I just let the shadow sit overnight and when I checked it the next day-
 I had a solid shadow once again!!

The magnetic quad compact is really nice to have, but the regular MAC shadow cases seem to be much for resistant to breaking.

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