Thursday, October 18, 2012

Freebies! (Fall Voxbox Review)

There is nothing like going to the mail box and getting a bunch of junk, or even worse bills! I can't complain about today's delivery- a box of freebies from a website called, Influenster. The site is designed for and geared toward those who blog and or use social media websites like Facebook. Once you sign up (which is free) you are eligible to receive a box filled with goodies to keep all for free! The site is filled with unbiased product reviews on all sorts of stuff.
Today my box arrived and I was kind of disappointed (which I feel bad for saying since it was free!). Every item but one (the B&BW candle) was something you would find at Walgreen's or Target and is something I would not buy or want to buy and here is why....

Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit

I love the look of lashes! We are required to wear them at every home game and appearance for the Ravens Playmakers. I am a huge fan of Ardel brand. Lashes can either more natural looking lashes (still dramatic though) or can look very Halloween or Drag Queenish. Unfortunately this pair falls in the second category. To thick and too even, creates a look that is less than flattering. I do like the plastic lash applicator (which resembles tweezers) and the glue in the bottle, less mess than the Revlon Brand with the brush applicator.

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin
These look cool and simple to use....too bad they are not! I think my hair is too long, thick and layered for this 3 step system. First you gather hair in low ponytail (with no elastic). Then twist into a bun (here my layers were everywhere) and then "twist" into hair- thus securing it. It didn't hold up any of my hair. Oh I also got pins for DARK hair, which I have blonde- so if they did do what they were designed to do, you would see them very easily in my hair.

Bath & Body Works Mini Candle and $10 off coupon
The candle is Pumpkin Cupcake and it definitely is a mini candle (cute!). I like the smell and the glass jar it's in. I would buy a full size version!

Not Your Mother's Hair Cream (Curl Defining)

This product is designed for naturally curly hair...which I do not have. It smells okay, but that not great. I have a lot of hair and spend a lot of money at the salon to keep it blonde! With that being said, I do not use drug store brand hair products. I love my Moroccan Oil, Redken Blonde Glam, and Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray!!

NYC New York Color Individual Eyes Custom Compact (for Brown Eyes)
I'm not a fan of cheap makeup. What you put on your face should be high quality. Also if your going to spend the time applying it, then it should stay. Cheaper store brand shadows like this are less pigmented and do not stay as well as MAC or Urban Decay. You can tell as soon as you apply it- it just doesn't go on the same as a higher quality shadow.
The colors in this pallet are not bad (4 total) and includes primer and illuminator. I don't have brown eyes, but I think the colors are neutral enough they would look okay on me.

Vitabath Fragrance Mist

EWW!! This smells so terrible, which is such a disappointment since it is one of the full size products in the box. The sent is "Asian Orchid and Coconut". It smells like something a smoker would wear- kind of like candy with a hint of alcohol (like hairspray). As soon as I opened the box I could smell it was terrible! I do not really see the purpose, I rather just wear good perfume.

This is a small packet of a dietary supplement in a salt like form. Add to water and this orange flavored concoction is supposed to provide a boost of energy and a boost to your immune system. I guess this is supposed to be like Emergen-C meets RedBull and defiantly not a fan! I'll just take my vitamins and drink my coffee :)

Boots No. 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion, Cleansing Balm, & Night Cream
This wasn't in my box :( I got the smelly mist instead.
 So to conclude- I liked getting free samples, but didn't like ones I wouldn't use (cheap makeup) or can't use (hair pins for people with a lot less of it than me).
Log on to and sign up to get your box of freebies :)

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