Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tulle Tutu Trend

The opening for each SITC episode, there was Ms. Bradshaw rocking a lovely tutu skirt. I was amazed when Fields dished that the iconic skirt was from a bargain bin and cost a whopping $5! (read full story here).
This is a style I don't think every girl can pull off. Careful what you pair it with to avoid looking like an adult ballerina or a cracked out fairy.
This ultra feminine look is sneaking up all over the place and on celebs:
Here are some variations of the look:
Bright and FULL
Black and short
Knee length paired with a tank
Long and paired with chambray and a belt

When looking online try searches, use tulle as well as tutu for best results.(For example Forever21 and Nordstrom have them listed under tulle in the search)
Want to make your own tutu skirt just like Carrie's? Here is tutorial showing you how you can do it yourself (granted you know how to sew).

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