Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chambray: New wardrobe staple or trend?

Is Chambray is the new wardrobe staple?
Chambray may be in France, but Chambray shirts are everywhere this season!
With Chambray, the fabric weight and color are both lighter then traditional denim. Just like denim, the color can vary and the style can be dressed up or casual- depending on what you pair it with. Chambray traditionally has been used to make men's shirts, however just like "boyfriend" jeans, the look has crossed over into women's wear. The look is classic, but casual and I'm not convinced the look is here to stay, but with inexpensive options it's not a huge investment.
Want your own? Try these at J Crew or Nordstrom
Below are some different ways Chambray can be worn. As always some looks I like better then others....

Oliva Palermo pairs with denim...not a fan, but I do like her shoes :)  

All the way buttoned...not a fan of this look.

Olsen unbuttons and tucks in the top- like this better!

Not a fan of the pull over Chambray...perfer the traditional button down.

Men rocking the look! Love with the stone colored khakis.

Under a blazer

More dressed up
Paired with colors

Paired with a bight color

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