Saturday, December 1, 2012

Old Navy??

I am not a fan of cheap clothing. Inexpensive or on sale, yes. But cheap, no thank you. It has been my experience that clothes that are "cheap" from stores like Kohls, Forever 21, and Old Navy, fall apart, fade, and over all are ill fitting. My logic is why spend money on something that is not going to last or even worse not look good on? I rather spend a little extra and get an item that will be in my wardrobe for years to come.
But sometimes, you are in a pinch or you just get lucky....
With all that said, I went against my own advice and stopped into an Old Navy store recently. I was out shopping and this vibrant red dress caught my eye in the window on one of their creepy mannequins. I went into the store and looked at the dress. Turns out, the one on the mannequin was the last one in the store and just so happened to be my size. An employee got me the dress and I tried it on. Just as I expected, the dress was cut way to big and was very "boxy" throughout the middle. I just loved the color so much, that I decided with a nice leather belt across the waist, I'd be able to pull it together.
Well, that same helpful employee also informed me that everything in store was "buy one, get the second half off". I looked around and found one silver dress also in my size without a price tag. Turns out it was an Internet only item and had been returned. I tried it on, it was also cute and ill fitting, but for the price I decided to buy it and have it altered at my dry cleaners. (If you don't already do that, I highly recommend it. I get many dresses and pants tailored and it's fairly inexpensive. Pants are usually $10 and dresses around $20.) Paired with my black Express belt and some Louboutins, I think I can dress up this cheap number.
Many of the items in the store were cheaply made and I felt like I really got lucky with the purchases I made for the price I paid. I wore the red dress, with a brown leather Jessica Simpson belt, and my Frye Boots to a friends baby shower/tea party. Friends were suprised when I said the dress was from Old Navy :)
To keep these items in tact, I will get both dry cleaned (even thought the tag provides machine washing instructions).
Here are images of my finds and I swear in person (and on) they look better! The red dress is a very bright color and the picture below does it no justice.

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