Saturday, December 22, 2012

Suds in the bucket....

I really disliked the way this dish washing soap bottle looked at my kitchen sink, but I wasn't about to put it "away" somewhere after each use. Hand soap dispensers are not a good option for dish washing soap since you have to pump. So I was excited (I know this is sad) when I saw this idea on Pinterest of using a glass oil bottle with a pour spout as a dispenser.

I'm not in love with the glass etching on the side of the bottles (I really hate when people label everything) but do like the look of the streamlined clean glass bottle.

So before:

and after:
I purchased the bottle at Marshalls for $3.99....I haven't decided if I should also do the hand soap in a smaller glass bottle. I like the hand soap with a pump though....
Possibly a stainless bottle?

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