Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY decor- Paw Print Frame

The final product
Anyone who knows me (or at least follows me on Instagram or Facebook) knows that I just LOVE my dog Sadie. At Christmas last year I made a paw print ornament using an inexpensive kit, but I wanted to have something in my décor from Sadie that was visible year I came up with this simple project.
From start to finish this took only about 10 minutes and was able to use materials I already had at my house :)
What you need:
  • a dog, preferably a calm one
  • ink pad
  • paper
  • scissors
  • picture frame
  • bowl of water
  • paper towels
How to:
  1. Lay large piece of paper down on ground.
  2. Get your dog to give paw and press it on the ink pad.
  3. Press dogs paw on the paper. This make several tries, depending how your dog cooperates (as you can see from the picture it took 4 tries with Sadie).
  4. Immediately wash dogs paw by dipping in bowl of water and then drying with paper towel, this will prevent your dog from tracking the ink throughout your house!
  5. Cut out desired paw print to frame size. I wrote Sadie's name with a sharpie, but you could do a number of different things :)

The artist herself

Artwork on display :)

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