Friday, April 24, 2015

As seen online....

I love online shopping! Using promo codes and being able to shops sales are a great way to get some good deals.

I also love getting ideas for great outfits from blogs and Pinterest.

Here are a few items I picked up recently for this Spring and Summer (preg and post!)

As seen on Pinterest: Maxi Dress, $35 ($26 with shipping using a promo code)  HERE

I was hesitant to order this, since I never used the site before and was scared it would be from China and fit terribly. But after reading the reviews on the item and of the site, I gave it a try and I'm glad I did! The material is great and the colors are just as amazing in person.

As seen on J's Everyday Fashion Blog: J Crew Factory Top, $27 (on sale with promo code)  HERE

I really liked this color combo and already have a pair of shorts in the same color from last summer. Also pair with a yellow skirt, white pants, and a deep green skirt I have as well!
As seen on Pink Peonies Blog: Tees By Tina via Nordstrom, $98 (used $20 off Nordstrom note, so I got for $80 with tax) HERE

I am obsessed with this girls maternity fashion and a bit jealous she can afford a lot of the items! LOL
This dress was a one size fits all and I just loved the color! Fits great and really surprisingly flattering.

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