Monday, April 20, 2015

Lilly for Target

I think it was back in January that I first began to see the advertisements for the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration with Target. Yesterday morning, I woke up early (that happens when your prego and go to bed early) and decided to try my luck at Target after looking on the site and seeing all the clothing items out of stock in my size. I arrived at the store about 20 minutes prior to opening and was surprised to see a line was already formed, maybe only about 50 ft. long. Filled with excited women, we gabbed about how stupid we were for getting up to shop and about what we wanted to buy. The line got extremely long very quickly and the store opened their doors right at 8 am.
To say it was mayhem, is an understatement.
Picture Black Friday times 10. Limited supplies and people grabbing whatever they could. Only a few racks with clothes and the employees would wheel out a cart full of an item (like towels or chairs) and people would just go nuts.
Not sure how, but I didn't run or push and a few of the items I really wanted! I was going for a few clothing items, where most girls were going for the home goods. People were stalking dressing rooms and as soon as an item was put down, another girl or two snatched it up.
Here is what I got:

Nosey Posey Maxi Dress $34

See Ya Later Shift $38

Navy Eyelet cover up, with gold details, $32

Gold Starfish Cuff $20

Overall I got lucky, I got what I wanted in the sizes I wanted.
 I didn't realize it at the time, but I should have bought whatever and then sold it on Ebay- with any items are going for triple to five times the cost!
It was unfortunate to see the women with carts full of stuff, knowing it was just going to be resold and the really unhappy shoppers leaving empty handed.

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