Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pregnancy Must Have- The Body Pillow

The snoogle, Baby's R Us, $60
Being pregnant is truly a learning experience that no one can prepare you for. Sure people say this will happen or you need to buy this, but everyone is different and has different experiences. That being said I had heard of a body pillow or maternity pillow, but I assumed it was just more crap to buy that I really wasn't going to need.
At week 27, sleep had become difficult. Going to bed and getting comfortable was impossible. As a stomach sleeper or back sleeper, now having to sleep on my side, was hard. I woke up stiff every morning.
My hubs said I needed a "snoogle" and he was going to buy me one. His co-worker said his wife swore by it during her pregnancy. A snoogle I found out is just another (and very creepy name) for a maternity body pillow. He purchased one for me on his way home from work Friday.
I gave it a try that night. I became frustrated after about 20 minutes of trying to figure out how in the hell to lay with it, but once I figured it out I was finally comfortable! Best of all- not stiff or uncomfortable in the morning.
So $60 for an odd shaped pillow- yes....it is a must in my book! And thank you to my amazing hubs xoxo

Sadie thinks it is hers too! She loves it!

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