Friday, June 17, 2011

Knock Off

Yeah I rock a knock off.....

Meet Sadie!
Jason and I purchased her from some hillbillies in Westminster from an ad we saw in the paper for what we thought was a steal, only $200 with shots and papers! Well as time went on and Sadie grew, we noticed that Sadie was most likely, for lack of a better word, a knockoff. Our old lab, which we left with my dad, is a 110 lbs beast. Our Sadie has appeared to max out at nice 47.
First, I thought it was just what I like to call the "fishbowl effect"- the concept that she only grew to her habitat size and being she's in a townhouse she stopped at the most perfect size. Now I just think she's not authentic.

More about Sadie:

She's a lovable dog and all our neighbors know her as the dog that looks out the window all day :)
She is also a jerk, that is when we have people over. She jumps and tries to sit in peoples laps, there is a lot of the word, "down!" when people are around :)
She also loves wood. She has ate my coffee table, window sills, decorative wooden bird statue, railings, you name it. We hope this stage is over.
We also found a crate that she cannot escape, at least not yet.

I don't even remember what she ate that time

Escape artist

Proud Parents :)
* the top pic of Sadie was taken by our amazing wedding photographer before we left for our engagement shoot. Check out his website:

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