Saturday, June 18, 2011


Every once in a while someone comes up with an idea that makes you say, "that's great". LoveLife, based out of Baltimore, is one of these ideas.
Their Facebook page describes the concept as "a movement based on molding yourself into a better you by positively affecting your life with every step you take". What is not to like about that- inspiring people to be the best them! Oh and what really caught my eye- the gear... 

How creative, shirts for men, women and children (tanks too) in 8 different colors that are customizable with your own ONE word of your choice that represents why you love life printed on the back. I'm still thinking what word I will select...but definately will be in their kiwi green!

The shirts start at $19.99 with a portion of the profits going to a local charity to help better Baltimore's youth.

The website is great, eye catching, colorful and filled with great photography. Take a look, get inspired, and order a shirt- tell them you saw them here :)

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