Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"You look Dutch"

We have all done it, bought something and couldn't decide if we liked it or not. Today this daunting dilemma came on in a pair of Coach Janet Wedges.

They caught my eye walking through Macy's (they always have the shoe dept. right next to the mall entrance- not a coincidence I'm sure). I stopped looked and decided to try them on. So comfortable, fit like a glove, on sale, and an extra 15% off all with a very kind sales lady telling me how good they looked on...yeah these came home with me.

I put them on and walked around the house, my fiance Jason took one look and said, "what are you Dutch?" and then began to make Austin Powers Gold Member jokes, " I am from Holland. Isn't that vierd? Yesh!"

"But they are so comfortable!" I argued. Jason replied, "they better be for how ugly they are, VIERD!"

I listened to this for about 3 minutes, took them off, and placed them back in their box. Can't decide to keep or return. They may just be going back.....


UPDATE: In the end, I kept them and have worn them several times! They make me super tall and make my legs look fantastic!

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