Thursday, June 16, 2011

My butt has lost it's bling

There are somethings I just adore, rhinestones and all things shiny are at the top of this list.
So it was my utter disappointment when I saw this-

 That's right, my butt has lost it's bling.

So I did what every Nordstrom shopper does, call and complain! Well True Religions are not being sold at Towson anymore, now there is a TR store in the mall. So I called the store. They directed me to call TR directly and I did.

I spoke to a nice man and explained my problem. His response:

TR worker: "It will take 6-8 weeks for us to send you another"

ME: "WHAT?! Are you mining the freaking thing?!"

TR worker: "Unfortunately we are experiencing an influx of inquires of requests for crystals at this time"

ME: "Why? Because they are falling off everyone's freaking jeans!"

TR worker: "umm, no, not necessarily"

Yeah okay buddy. I'm now patiently awaiting my for my bling. Lucky for them it's summer and I'm not living in jeans as I do in winter.

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