Sunday, November 6, 2011

Post Wedding Ideas

Our wedding was 4 months ago and just yesterday I finally picked up my wedding dress from the alterations store. They called and said, "hon, did you forget your dress is here?" I did forget and honestly I do not really need it anymore! I still have not selected the pictures for our album from our photographer. Everything leading up to the wedding was a rush, a time crunch, and a mad dash to get everything just right.

Here are some cute wedding projects online that maybe, one day, I will actually do or buy :)

Christmas Ornament

using wedding invite...cute!

how to here

Lyric Wall Art

First dance song lyrics

how to here

Lyric Frames...this doesn't need a how to

 I would prefer typed like can buy here on Etsy or just make it yourself :)

Remember the Day...aka anniversary hints

for sale here on Etsy

Custom heart of finger prints....for sale here on Etsy
Honeymoon Memories

Buy (or print from the web) a vintage map of honeymoon destination

word art print, customizable with words of your choice
here on Etsy

Are there any good post wedding projects you have seen online? Please share :)

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