Friday, August 5, 2011

Dangerously Awesome

This contraption now resides at our house. It came to us off of our wedding registry and was put on there by Jas of course! It is a great product, seriously. It crushes ice with ease and drinks come out just as they do an your favorite pool bar. The problem is.....the calories. An average homemade margarita consists of 250-350 calories- which comes mainly from the mix. When I was shopping the other day, I read the nutrition info on some labels and was amazed to find that many mixes had 120 calories per serving and the typical drink requires two servings.

I know Real House Wife Bethenny Frankel created Skinny Girl Drinks, but the problem is these are already mixed and taste like, well crap. The solution that I stumbled upon is a no sugar mix, that only contains 10 calories per serving!!

So we will continue to drink on, now guilt free :)

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