Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eyebrow to EyeWOW!

from this....
to this!

If you are wondering why I was walking around like an ungroomed caterpillar for a month or was because I had someone telling me she was going to make my eyebrows amazing. That person was brow artist Angie Hunt at All About Me Spa in Towson Maryland and she made them more than amazing!

Let me backtrack....

When I moved to Baltimore, I was in need of an eyebrow wax desperately and went to a local spa, all American. I say that because I refuse to go to an "Asian" nail salon for a wax, eww. So, I went to this local (and quite pricey) spa and had my eyebrows practically removed completely. They were made pencil thin, they were uneven and down right terrible. After discussing my dilemma to my good friend Natalie, she told me about the wonders Angie works on brows at her salon. I took her word for it and made the trip to see her ad have my brow consultation.

Upon meeting Angie, she broke the bad news to me....I was going to have to let them grow and not touch them for a month or two. I did take her advice and let them grow and looked like Joe Flacco's sister- no bueno.

I visited Angie religiously once a month, every month and the results were better then expected! My brows look healthy, fit my face, and best of all are even!!

An appointment with Angie will last about 30 to 45 minutes. She uses stencils and rulers marking out the exact dead even brows that you see on celebrities- and now me :)

She is the nicest lady, always has good stories to tell, and best of all you leave her chair without the "bright red look at me I just got waxed" look.

Take my word for it- it's worth the time!

For more about Angie and All About Me:

or in person @ 27 West Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, MD 21204

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