Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Soundtrack

I love music in the car, at home, and especially on my ipod when I run. Here are some of my favorites right now:

LMFAO, Party Rock Anthem

I have been a fan of this duo for a few years now and this song brings the same high energy you come to expect from them. This was our wedding party entrance to our reception. This video is hilarious! I love the dance!!

Jason Aldean, Dirt Road Anthem

Another "anthem" this one a country one with a "rap" flare. Great song, love it!

Rihanna, Cheers

I'm not a huge Avril fan, but this song is catchy and I love the lyrics and Rihanna of course!

Dierks Bently, Am I the Only One

Jason calls this the "Tiff theme song" since I am ready to party on my days off, which have been Tuesday and Wednesday for quite some time. Too funny!

Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony, Rain Over Me

I love Pitbull! This song is great!

Cobra Starship, You Make Me Feel

Just heard this recently and went home and downloaded it! Very catchy.

Enrique Inlesias ft. Usher & Lil Wayne, Dirty Dancer

Makes you dance!!

and last but not least for the summer soundtrack,

Lil Rick, Go Dung

St. Lucia anthem!!

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