Friday, August 26, 2011

Jar Head

For our wedding center pieces, I used large gallon size Mason Jars instead of vases and there were smaller half pint size jars on the tables that held caramel cream candies. We told our DJ to give away the center pieces, however we were still left with a good amount of jars. The Ball brand jars are made of a very thick glass and are made right here in the US in Indiana. Although their intended purpose is canning and preserving of jams, fruits, veggies, etc, they can be used in a wide array in home decor.

Here are some ideas I found for using the left over jars....

Outdoor Lighting

Easily done by placing wire around the top and simply inserting a candle.
Same thing, just hung from hooks- jar latern concept

Still you would use the wire, but white Christmas lights are used for illumination.

Table Center Pieces/Vases

These are sold at Pottery barn, but look adorable filled with sand and glass votive inside. They look lovely just sitting on a table not hung up anywhere.

This is so simple, yet so elegant. The various heights of the jars brings together the entire table.

I love this idea, glass flat marbles, water, floating candles and some ribbon. The bunch of three looks refined and full.
This is the popular blue glass. I have 2 jars myself I have in a cabinet in my sitting room. They look lovely empty but they look great here with this wheat. Simple, easy, and oh so affordable.
The "hanging vase"


I'm pretty sure I love this because of the wainscoting on the walls.

Kitchen Storage

Simply done by using spray paint Chalkboard paint and masking tape. Good idea for kitchen storage and also can be done just on the lids.


Here the jars have been painted (easily done by spray paint) and used as planters. I love the different colors and sizes. I think I may do this for an herb garden.


"we drank beer out of the mason jar" Kenny Chesney- Keg in the Closet
Well this isn't beer, but a classy way to utilize the jars for drinking.
Indoor Lighting

Okay this would be way more time consuming then the others but looks well worth the time.
I found a video blog from 2009 on how to do this.
DIY pendant lights

AND LASTLY..... my favorite- this mantle display!

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